Laser engraver for rubber stamps and notebooks
After a 20 year career in engineering and management I left the corporate world to follow a new path.  My career was successful, financially rewarding, and allowed me to fulfill several life dreams – owning a home, living close to nature, and being debt free.  However, it also left me with little time to pursue other interests, and I became disillusioned about success in the corporate world.  So I left my last job to travel a new path – becoming an entrepreneur.
I started with a hobby and began selling hand carved rubber stamps.  As they started to sell, I learned more about online sales, invested in a laser engraver, and converted a bedroom into a workshop.  Today this store is part of my growing business, where I strive to blur the line between work and life, and to share that opportunity with others.  It’s about a need to design, to make things, to do projects, to capture beauty, and create joy and meaning.  I hope to share a bit of that with each of you in some small way in each of my products.  I design and create quality products I love, which allow you to create, make, write, express your self, or grow your own business.  If I something I create helps you along your journey in some way, then this shop is a success! 
- Christine