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This set of month bullet journal stamps are the perfect size for your A5 notebooks, planners, and travelers notebooks.  They are the same font size as the matching weekday and number stamps.  The stamps are clear to allow you to align them easily on your page!  These stamps are the perfect size to stamp at the top of your notebook page each day to give it a touch of class.  

Note:  these stamps require an acrylic block or other mounting surface to use.  Acrylic blocks are available separately.  

Material: high quality photopolymer

Stamped image sizes:
Stamps are about 0.75 inch tall.  Widths vary from 1.5 inch to 2.5 inch due to word length.  

This set includes a total of 12 stamps on a 4×8 inch plastic sheet for storage. 

Need ink?  See our ink pads here:

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Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 7.0 × 4.0 × 0.25 in

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Jennifer N.

So excited to use these. The typeface is just what I was looking for. Would love other words common in bullet journals in this style.