Versafine Pigment Ink Pads for Stamping
Vintage Sepia and Black Versafine Ink Pads

Versafine Ink Pad in Onyx Black or Vintage Sepia

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Versafine Onyx Black is our favorite black stamp ink pad - and now it's available in  Vintage Sepia color as well!  This oil based pigment ink works well on paper, chipboard, smooth unfinished wood, and other porous surfaces.  It truly does capture fine details remarkably well and lasts much longer than other inks.  The stamp pad is firm and uniform so it evenly inks your stamp and helps prevent inking the stamp edges.  We highly recommend this ink.

This ink is manufactured by Tsukeneko.  Here are Tsukeneko's product highlights:

-Once dry, stamped images are waterproof and will not smear.
-Images are light fast and fade resistant.
-Pad produces more than twice as many images as a standard pigment ink pad.
-Ideal for stamps with fine details. Fine lines are reproduced clearly in stamped images.
-Use with Tsukineko’s Walnut Inks for an antiqued finish.