About Printed Heron

I’m Christine, the founder and owner of Printed Heron.

This website is a collection of products and resources for you to make things you love.

About Printed Heron Products

  • Products here are a mix of exclusive designs and curated high quality supplies
  • Orders ship from my home in Texas or another stamp manufacturer in the USA – nothing is drop shipped from China
  • Stamps are made in the USA – either on my laser engravers or from American based manufacturers
  • Most stickers, washi tape, and paper products are imported from Asia (including China) – Asian countries have long running obsession with stationary and paper, and they have so many goodies you just can’t find in the west.

About Me

My goal is to help you pursue your passions and projects – with supplies, information and inspiration.

After leaving the corporate world, I started building a business around my passions:

  • Rubber stamps and all things paper (lets call this one an obsession)
  • Books and journals
  • Connection to the natural world
  • Math and Science
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Financial independence as a small business owner
  • DIY – crafts, projects, and making things

You will probably see a reflection of these interests in the products, articles, and resources of this and my other websites. This site gives me an excuse to keep a huge collection of rubber stamps, papers, stickers and journals. Let’s make something!