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Make creative Junk Journal pages with FREE Printable Word Search puzzles

Would you like a new and creative and easy junk journal idea? Try using these free printable word searches or other puzzles in your junk journal or art journal.

I’ve seen several art journal pages which highlight words from vintage book pages, but I wanted to make a page with specific words.  It seemed time consuming and difficult to find existing book pages to fit a theme so I set out to create something easier.  A few days later I happened to see a word search and inspiration struck!  I could make word searches with any group of words and have so many options for my page spreads.  I made 3 different word searches to use for my pages and I’m thrilled to share them with you!  Scroll down to see just a few creative suggestions for these and download a set to play with.  

Pick a Puzzle Theme

The four printable word searches available here include the following themes:

Travel (for trips and vacations)
Connect (family, friends, people)
Authentic (personal journey and growth)
Create (art, creativity, writing)

Print on a Variety of Papers

Try printing your puzzles on different types of paper including colored papers, vellum, kraft paper, vintage papers, distressed paper, and lightly patterned scrapbook paper.

Reduce the size to use with smaller journals or planners. 

printed word search puzzles

Circle or Highlight Relevant Words

Circle, highlight, or outline words which fit the theme of your page.  Use only a few to draw the eye and emphasize them , circle everything you want for background pages or as a form of visual journaling.  You can also simply use the word search as a background for other elements or papers. 

Each word search includes an answer key to help you find specific words quickly. 

journal page with printed finished puzzle

Dye, Distress, Paint, or Stamp your pages

In this example I tea stained the paper before printing and used rubber stamps to decorate the page.  This one will be a background for other art journal pages.  Watercolor washes and distress inks also work well to color the page before or after printing.  Thicker paints like acrylic are opaque enough to hide and highlight words and letters.   

printed puzzles with patterns stamped over them

Cut into Smaller Sections

Cut out portions of the puzzle to focus on one word or include as a collage in travel journals or other smaller formats.

journal page with a portion of word search puzzle on the page

You can even cut out individual words!

paper strips with words on a roll of receipt paper

File Details

The download files are 8.5×11 in letter size pdf files.  At full scale, each word search will trim to half size sheets (5.5 x 8.5 in).  A list of all included words is written around the puzzle (this was fully trimmed off in all the examples shown).  Answer keys for each puzzle are included. 

Make Your own Puzzles

If you need a different set of words for your own theme, you can make your own word search puzzles at one of many websites.  I used this one or you can search on “word search generator” to find your own. 

random text here

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